my monday moodboard

photo: printerest & thumblr black & whites light up my MondayI don't care for blue ones kissses

saturday night

photo: thumblr kisses

- they are beautiful -

foto: thumblr & google nice things keeps me calm& they are beautiful kisses

- lace for summer -

foto: thumblr & google sunnkissed skinn, freckles & withesnot to mention sandals kisses

- i could live here -

foto: google, thumblr my kind of style, my kid of coloursI simply digg kisses

- sping lusts -

foto: carloline blomst 1. Pink leopard. 2. Bling bracelet.3. Tie dye top.4. IRO lookbook5 Neon jewelry, 6. Fringe boots. 7. Numbers. Top from Zara 8. Bag, Celine I'm ready for some warmthsometh...

- deco -

foto: thumblr kisses

- randoms & plain beauty -

foto: thumblr this day just keep getting better & betterj'adore days like this kisses

- heavy metall -

foto: oraclefox if you are ever stranden in the dessert,or if you just want to look cool kisses

- oh so cool, oh so chic -

foto: thumblr oh so cool, oh so chiclike I love kisses

- front & back -

foto: thumblr not the same dress, but oh so gorgeous kisses

- JJ is back -

foto: they are backfinallywith stylish parishian chic details kisses

- my favourite collection -

foto: my favourit collection kisses

- waiting for my birthday -

foto: thumblr it's tomorrow, & I newer get to oldto grown up for it kisses

- I'm finally back with a touch of fake fur & a little bit of rock'n roll -

foto: thumblr I can't stand living without internet acessa week feels like a monthnow I'm finally back with a touch of fake fur & a little bit of rock'n roll kisses

- cinderella is proof -

foto: thumblr of the fact that changing your shoescan also change your life kisses

- out of season, but in my mind -

foto: spell this morning is kind of dark & cold, my mind wanders towards summer. just can't help it kisses

- good morning Monday -

foto: thumblr this weekend was stunning, & I have no other reason to believe that this week will amaze me kisses

- I simply love -

foto: thumblr I simply love thumblr. the most gorgeouspics on the web.for every day & every mood kisses

- a boho life -

foto: thumblr I'm lazy , it's Saturday & it's ok kisses

- all time favorite: balmain ss2008 -

foto: what is there not to like? kisses

- like I love it -

foto: thumblr, petitbo & my favourite collection fine things are beautiful& petitbo accompanied with thumblr makes my Sunday complete kisses

- my kind of boho/chic/rock inpo -

inspo. thumblr it's chic, pretty & makes me smile kisses

- at christian louboutin party in NY -

foto: olsen anonymous mary-kate & ashley olsen in black, gorgeous kisses

- a fine street -

foto: my favourite collection & thumblr newe goes ou of style kisses

- a t-shirt made in heaven -

foto: fine ting denne tee'en kan kjpes hos fine ting, & jeg krysser av p listen min til jul kisses

- details: glitter, rings & a bag -

foto: glitter I'adore these pics, & I think I need this bag kisses

- on the last day of October -

foto: thumblr my babies & my man makse me smileI'll be adding shoes, bags & fakefurs to that list kisses

- relax, it's Friday -

foto: thumblr & my favourite collection 7 hours untill my weekend startsI'cant wait kisses

- easy like Tuesday morning -

foto: millabotique, oiidesign & my favourite collectiion an early morning singing song kisses

- you make me smile -

foto: my favourite collection a stressfull day ha nearly come to an end,the soda, a chocolate, my man & lovely pictures all make me smile kisses

- fashion moves you-

foto: thumblr kisses

- back -

& side, it's beautiful kisses

- in bed -

foto: fashiontoast at home & sick in bedenjoying the glorious moods of fashiontoast kisses

- hello friday -

you are welcome to stay as long as you want to kisses

- glasses -

foto: nouvella royale & house of momshell kisses

- boho chic luv-

foto: my favourite collection mood kisses

- tuesday mix -

foto: my favourite collection I am painting my floors, & getting gorgeous new inspo kisses

- cool stuff for girls & boys -

foto: I adore cool & comfy clothes for kids my girl & my boythe y look good ib blacks &greys kisses

- dagens -

foto: er p utkikk etter ny sofa, en som ikke er hoppet hull i. Akkurat snn skal den se ut, som denne nydelige chic-rocka sofaen p kisses

- top six news from Topshop -

foto: cravingskisses

- warm -

foto: google fake furs, I only have three kisses

- life is wonderful -

foto: my favourit collection you need the one to have the other kisses

- outfit inspo 290911 -

foto: hannas room simple & chic, she rock kisses

- my sunday mood -

foto. my favourite collection kisses

- white weekends are beautiful -

foto: my favourite collection clam, in a very good mood have decided to do something great next weekyou'll see kisses

- Bambi & another girl for winter/autum 2011 -

foto: a-e-j what would I not give for a piece of aejkisses

- Sunday mood -

foto: my favourite collection this Sunday is all about love kisses

- rock chic sunday -

foto: my favourite collection kisses on a rainy sunday

- today's momshell inspo -

foto: anine bing, I love cool mothers who rock, & denim never goes wrong kisses

- disco, glam & old wood -

this is really cool, can't help smiling when I look at it kisses

- black housing is beautiful -

I love blackI can't live without it kisses

- the lovely Kate -

foto: google a gorgeous woman, mum & a huge style inspirationkisses

- the street corne girl's jackets -

foto: street corner girl her jackets are cool, & her blogg is truly inspieringkisses

- the perfect wall -

foto: vosges paris can be found in a bedroom, vosges bedroom kisses

- almoust famous -

This still life reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous. Penny Lane is definitely one of my style icons. kisses

- weekend -

foto: jack&jill, google & tehfashionspot is here, have a wonderfull onekisses

- sometimes you just need something good to look at -

kisses & lots of loveto you

- inspo.thursday.leather. sweden -

foto: this laidback all black outfit is my inspo this thursday kiss

- late night pants love -

how can one live without these oh-se-rocking trousers? kisses

- pretty soon it will be Monday -

foto: jak&jill, stylebykling & thefashionspot & another week begins. Sundays are delightful.kisses

- hair -

I'm hairy noon and nightHair that's a frightI'm hairy high and lowDon't ask me whyDon't knowIt's not for lack of breadLike the Grateful DeadDarlingGimme head with hairLong beautiful hairShining, gl...

- sunday inspo, befor a new week begins -

foto: tumble & thefashionspot i heart sundayswhen the kids are in bed, & the world is all mine kiss

- studs & fake fur forever -

foto: thumblr kisses

- on a friday afternoon -

foto: the shelby ona friday afternoon, I'm loving my simple & calml life kisses

- feathers -

foto: google calming, light & beautrful

- my eyes always sparkle when they meet shades of black & white -

foto: fashiongirl lykke li in black + whitekiss

- cavalli in details -

foto: kisses

- fake fur for fall -

foto: google fake fur for fallkisses

- bohemian baby -

foto: fashiongirl bohemian summer lovekiss

- dagens fashion inspo -

foto: anine bing, google, jak&jill and me photos & fashion, two things I love kisses

- wishlist -

 Sweater: Stine Goyajewelry:Pamela Love, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell bag: alexander wangunderwear: agent provocateur t-shirt: acne kisses

- young hollywood -

foto: stylestalker I'm loving the new stuff from stylestalker, so right up my alley kisses

- a good mood -

foto: ashley glorioso love the clothes, the accessories, the hair & the blogg of ashley glorioso kisses

- it only has to look good -

foto: petitbo, goole & me  to be loved by mekiss

- fashion inspo -

foto. google & the fashionspot it's hipp, it's chic & it's just beautiful kiss

- lekende kul DIY hos Brigg -

foto: briggs lekehus if anyone knows hoy to di DIY, it's brigg. I love her smart DIY-ticks kisses & hugs

- Danish Friday night inspo -

foto: the Danish are good, really good kisses

- inn i skapet til.....-

 foto: ella stormark ...Ella. A dark brunette gone blonde.It's black, it's chic & it's rock & I love her look. Check her & the blog here kisses&hugs A...

- underwear -

foto: google underwear is extremely beautiful kisses

- inn i skapet til... -

 foto: costume, maria skappel ....Christina som elsker blande billig og dyrt p en ekslusiv & chic mte. Skapet hennes ser utrolig ut, og her er bdeprler, paljetter og luksus blan...

- headpiece for a wedding -

foto: this morning I got a headpiece inmy mailbox, for my beautiful cousins wedding in August. Later today I googled some, and found mrs.Richie-Madden in a gorgeous one, also ...

- for some reason I just love your glasses Linda Gradin - kisses

- a white dress -

foto: saboskirt on a Friday is perfect kiss

- twins & glasses -

foto: olsenanonymous I love glasses, & fake fur, and the Olsen-twins are always cool kisses

- love, fashion & rock'n roll -

Sundays are peacefull, fashionable & simply precious kisses

- another tres chic mom -

graldine sagli, she is goureous kisses 

- sweet concreet -


- olsen anonymous -

credit: olsenanonymous they are young, hip, edgy, cool & realy sweet& they know how to rock an outfit kisses 

- the fringe cut -

butterflies are wirling around, should I cut my fringe?

- loppis nytt -

300 kroner, litt hvit spray & en hel del nydelige ting kisses&hugs

- you put a spell on me -

foto: pure gypsy love kisses

- only Kate can pull it off -

foto: she is amazing kisses to you & her from me

- 69.500 kroner -

er prisen p denne fantastiske jakken fra Balmain, som jeg flere sesonger etter ikke klarer f ut av hode mitt kisses 

- inspiering cravings -


- hippie Friday -



32, Ski

jeg er s heldig f vre en glittrende, bohemsk & litt rockete mamma til to nydelige krlltopper. Elsker dem, kjrestn min, mote, interir, livet og alt som er nydelig.

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