januar 2012

- rock & Roll is here to stay -

petitbo.se it's still winter & it's still cold,but petitbo makes me long for aw 2012 they really know how to make kids rook coolin a kiddo kind of stylej'adore kisses

- heavy metall -

foto: oraclefox if you are ever stranden in the dessert,or if you just want to look cool kisses

- oh so cool, oh so chic -

foto: thumblr oh so cool, oh so chiclike I love kisses

- a touch of Marocco in the mail -

foto: comme il fautperfectly gypsylikecan't wait for it to get here visit comme il fautif you love it as much as I do kisses

- momshell 16012012 -

foto: house of momshell tee: zaradenim: cheap mondayboots: ashbraceletts: h&m kisses

- today I brought some peace home, fashionwise peace -

foto: house of momshell & ginaT I just love trying things on,tee's & topps in particular today I brought some peace homefabricwisefashionwisej'adore kisses

- cool stuff from Gina T -

foto: house of momshell greys, sparkels, army & reptile-patternsit's not difficult to find something but it is difficult to choosechoises kisses

- momshell: details -

foto: house of momshell a dark & early moringlightened up with shiny bracelets & my phones flash kisses

- front & back -

foto: thumblr not the same dress, but oh so gorgeous kisses

- spring-fling -

foto: thumblr & style.com just because it's snowing doesnt mean one can't have a spring-flingwinter is not my favouriteI like it when its hot kisses

- somethimes a mum nees her timeout -

foto: thumble30 minutes to myself, the longes I've had this weekI'm not complaining, I'adore my kids. but somethimes a mum nees her timeout, & mine is now kisses

- in the mail: kids ink tights -

foto. oiidesign & house of momshell monkee genes-skinny sateen is in the mailto my girl from super-cool oiidesign in sweedenwe a'dore that shop kisses

- diy: yellow clutch, or any other color -

a zipper, some leather/ fabric, thrread & 1 hourlooks good & rocks on kisses

- I miss u -

I am missing ugood night boyfriend kissees


32, Ski

- jeg er s heldig f vre en glittrende, bohemsk & litt rockete mamma til to nydelige krllopper. Elsker dem, kjrestn min, mote, interir, livet og alt som er nydelig. Hjertet mitt tilhrer dem -

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