mars 2012

watch out for the kids

photo: petitbo & oiidesigncool & comfy pieces for my kidsjust the way we like it kisses


photo: cecilie mielli j'adore theese frather-earrings from cecilie miellimust go into town soon kisses

a room with a bed

photos: house of momshell my bedroom is filled with things I lovemy boyfriend, pics pf my babies &gorgeous details black, grey, silver, whitekisses

easter, eggs & black rhinestonebirds

photos: house of momshell eggseasterblackwhite rhinestonesbirdsblindslove cutecool kisses

todays apparel: I love to love

photo: house of momshell topp: vintage skairt used as topptights: velvet, cubusbracelet: gina tricot spring shurley feels like summerlace, frecles & rihiestones gives me a good good feeling& ...

wood, bikes & some rock'n roll

photo: printrest kisses

tiny people rock

photo: printerest I love my babies& I dress them & rais them they way I see the worldblack, white, indipendent, beautiful, rare, chic & soft kisses to them & you

my monday moodboard

photo: printerest & thumblr black & whites light up my MondayI don't care for blue ones kissses

sweet summer longings

photo: house of momshell sunblock smells like summercan't wait for it to come got some sweet freckles todayI love freckles kisses

saturday night

photo: thumblr kisses

addicted to: light

photo: house of momshell lights, lampshades, lightbulbsone might say I hookedj'adore they sett moods& tranforms day into nightgod, j'adore kisses

- white walls are never dull -

foto: house of momshell whitelightwho can live without whitenot me, canyou? kisses

- they are beautiful -

foto: thumblr & google nice things keeps me calm& they are beautiful kisses

- rebels & teaspoons -

foto: oneteaspoontees & flares& blonde hair kisses

- lace for summer -

foto: thumblr & google sunnkissed skinn, freckles & withesnot to mention sandals kisses

- i could live here -

foto: google, thumblr my kind of style, my kid of coloursI simply digg kisses

- new in: vintage ear-rings -

vintage lookingdeco vs discoglam perfect for a tshirt kisses

- today: my apparel -

sweather: h&Mtee: h&m menpants: old, cubusring: bjrg & juvelen sparkel baby, shine away kisses

- sping lusts -

foto: carloline blomst 1. Pink leopard. 2. Bling bracelet.3. Tie dye top.4. IRO lookbook5 Neon jewelry, 6. Fringe boots. 7. Numbers. Top from Zara 8. Bag, Celine I'm ready for some warmthsometh...


32, Ski

jeg er s heldig f vre en glittrende, bohemsk & litt rockete mamma til to nydelige krlltopper. Elsker dem, kjrestn min, mote, interir, livet og alt som er nydelig.

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