oktober 2011

- on the last day of October -

foto: thumblr my babies & my man makse me smileI'll be adding shoes, bags & fakefurs to that list kisses

- I just bought a new pair of Ash -

foto: lille vinke sko sometimes I can't resist cravings& these are one of them ash carey boots, my new darlings kisses

- up on my wall -

foto: house of momshell the most beautiful moments caught with a camerathe loves of my life&pure fashion kisses

- relax, it's Friday -

foto: thumblr & my favourite collection 7 hours untill my weekend startsI'cant wait kisses

- easy like Tuesday morning -

foto: millabotique, oiidesign & my favourite collectiion an early morning singing song kisses

- you make me smile -

foto: my favourite collection a stressfull day ha nearly come to an end,the soda, a chocolate, my man & lovely pictures all make me smile kisses

- details from this week -

foto: house of momshell this week I'adore: scarf: malene birgertank top: h&mrings: house of harlow, cecilie melli & indiskaboots: dnabootstraps: ellosblack vintage lacejacket: ebay kisses

- new inn: house of harlow 1960

foto: house of momshell a tripp to Oslo ende up in a beautiful black leather coctail ringperfect with sparkles & some rock & roll kisses

- moa's house -

foto. moa love her home kisses

- fashion moves you-

foto: thumblr kisses

- back -

& side, it's beautiful kisses

- if I could only have one bathroom -

foto: google it would be this kisses

- I love you I do -

foto: my favourit collection & tumblr Saturdays are simply gorgeous kisses

- it's booked -

foto: my favourite collection today I am booking my next tatto kisses

- end-table -

foto: house of momshell new table, acessorized with skulls & everything kisses

- Jewelry should have a pulse, it should tell a story and reflect a facet of the individual wearing it -

 dannijo would rock my world kisses

- night -

foto: my favourite collection finallythe kids are in bed, & so am I kisses

- in bed -

foto: fashiontoast at home & sick in bedenjoying the glorious moods of fashiontoast kisses

- my new painted floors -

foto: house of momshell all washed, brushed, painted by me kisses

- a skull on my table -

foto: house of momshell kisses

- house of momshell: new details -

foto: house of momshell a skull from my love new polish, new make-up, newly painted floors & a new kimono-jacket& a new sunday kisses

- all I want is a... -

foto: snapshot from kamille lp&kjp ...skull on my tablekisses

- for my boy -

foto: petitbo.se & oiidesign.sethis fall, this style kisses

- hello friday -

you are welcome to stay as long as you want to kisses

- glasses -

foto: nouvella royale & house of momshell kisses

- boho chic luv-

foto: my favourite collection mood kisses

- den lille sorte -

foto: ebay.no alittle black dresswill never go out of style this vintage black beaded flapper dresswill make you shinejust beacuse you are beautiful I would style this dress with only two acce...

- some more parisian cravings from Milla -

foto: milla botique a black leather jacket made ubercool with studdshandmade kisses

- my kind of office -

foto: petitbo.setheir clothes for children are gorgeousso is their office kisses

- tuesday mix -

foto: my favourite collection I am painting my floors, & getting gorgeous new inspo kisses

- cool stuff for girls & boys -

foto: oiidesign.se I adore cool & comfy clothes for kids my girl & my boythe y look good ib blacks &greys kisses

- dagens finn.no-craving -

foto: finn.no er p utkikk etter ny sofa, en som ikke er hoppet hull i. Akkurat snn skal den se ut, som denne nydelige chic-rocka sofaen p finn.no kisses

- top six news from Topshop -

foto: topshop.com cravingskisses

- warm -

foto: google fake furs, I only have three kisses

- I just put my baby in the corner -

foto: house of momshell hun ville ha rocketapet, ikke rosa men svart. Hun er 3 r & vet akkurat hva hun vil. Tapeten er fra Byggmakker og gir et hjrne p rommet hennes den perfekte industrial-b...

- I just shopped & went to sequin heaven -

foto: house of momshell I've been looking for a black sequin jacket for years, but never found the right one. Today I wasn't even looking , but there it was. 499kr at ICHI. I simply never want ...

- life is wonderful -

foto: my favourit collection you need the one to have the other kisses


31, Ski

- jeg er s heldig f vre en glittrende, bohemsk & litt rockete mamma til to nydelige krllopper. Elsker dem, kjrestn min, mote, interir, livet og alt som er nydelig. Hjertet mitt tilhrer dem -

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