november 2011

- cinderella is proof -

foto: thumblr of the fact that changing your shoescan also change your life kisses

- momshell outfit: the Christmas Party -

foto: house of momshell dress: h&mtights: lindexboots: number 67bracelets: glitter, sanselig & b-young kisses

- all you need is tape -

foto: house of momshell to put 48 small gifts on a cupboard-wallmy babies can't wait, neither can I kisses

- only a few minutes left -

foto: house of momshell untill this years Christmaspartysparkles, new nailpolish & boots made for dancing kisses

- out of season, but in my mind -

foto: spell this morning is kind of dark & cold, my mind wanders towards summer. just can't help it kisses

- good morning Monday -

foto: thumblr this weekend was stunning, & I have no other reason to believe that this week will amaze me kisses

- en ftlj -

don't know where it is from, but I know I love it kisses

- an ebay craving -

foto: if I had 197$, this would be in the mail for me kisses

- for my kids -

foto. thumblr for Christmas time, a luxury sheet home kisses

- I simply love -

foto: thumblr I simply love thumblr. the most gorgeouspics on the web.for every day & every mood kisses

- a boho life -

foto: thumblr I'm lazy , it's Saturday & it's ok kisses

- my baby is going to be wild -

foto: petitbo & house of momshell petitbo makes the most gorgeous & comfy-cool kiddo clothessoft cotton, & made by hand with love for sure kisses

- all time favorite: balmain ss2008 -

foto: what is there not to like? kisses

- like I love it -

foto: thumblr, petitbo & my favourite collection fine things are beautiful& petitbo accompanied with thumblr makes my Sunday complete kisses

- my kind of boho/chic/rock inpo -

inspo. thumblr it's chic, pretty & makes me smile kisses

- at christian louboutin party in NY -

foto: olsen anonymous mary-kate & ashley olsen in black, gorgeous kisses

- a fine street -

foto: my favourite collection & thumblr newe goes ou of style kisses

- a t-shirt made in heaven -

foto: fine ting denne tee'en kan kjpes hos fine ting, & jeg krysser av p listen min til jul kisses

- details: glitter, rings & a bag -

foto: glitter I'adore these pics, & I think I need this bag kisses


31, Ski

- jeg er s heldig f vre en glittrende, bohemsk & litt rockete mamma til to nydelige krllopper. Elsker dem, kjrestn min, mote, interir, livet og alt som er nydelig. Hjertet mitt tilhrer dem -

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