desember 2011

- et nytt meg -

 2011 er snart over & kommer aldri igjen. bara minner sendeross tilbaka. kanskje med hjelp av bilder. kanskje med hjlp av dufter. jeg elsker bilder. jeg elsker det de minnes. b...

- girls sure love mixing things up -

foto: house of momshell self-dressedin boots: h&mfakefur: h&mdress: noa-noatights: h&mcap: h&m girls sure love mixing things upit's beautiful kisses

- grey.sparkling.casual.chic -

foto: jcrew a dreamlike sweatshirtsimply gorgeous kisses

- JJ is back -

foto: they are backfinallywith stylish parishian chic details kisses

- new tee's shipped out of my shop -

foto: house of momshellnew tee's made & shipped out just before Christmasmore going out tomorrow velkommen til meg & min lille shop p epla.no kisses

- outfit: boxingday -

foto: house of momshell topp: bikbokvest: gina tricotbukse: cheap mondayarmband & ring: bjrg & sn kisses

- today I love -

foto: printrest whites, blacks & gorgeous detailsamazing details kisses

- for sparkles & bling, & everything nice -

foto: house of momshell a black jeweleryboxfrom my lovely mum & dadkisses

- so this is X-mas -

foto: my favourite collection with love from me to youalways kisses

- some wrapped in love -

foto. house of momshell all my gifts are ready to gosome have just left on a jetplane& others areleaving my house today all made with love kisses

- studds & denim cravings -

foto: I wouldn't mind wearing this jacket the next time I go to the gym kisses

- my favourite collection -

foto: my favourit collection kisses

- momshell: lace Christmas stocking -

velkommen til meg & min lille shop p epla.no lace Christmas stocking kisses house of momshell

- it's time to sparkle -

foto. my favourite collection & time to enjoylove yourself & just to feel good what's there not to like?you are fab, just as you are kisses

- waiting for my birthday -

foto: thumblr it's tomorrow, & I newer get to oldto grown up for it kisses

- house of momshell: wishlist -

foto: for my birthday & for Christmasjust can't get enough kisses

- my baby can't wait for SS12 -

foto: petitbo brilliant, cool & chicI cross my fingers for women sizes for the black tank with fringes & prints kisses

- the chained wallet -

foto: zara perfectly sweet, rock & chic for mein the mail as we speak kisses

- the Sade dress, from Petitbo, who else -

foto: petitbo fringes makes my world spinn kisses

- a topp -

foto: house of momshell a topp for see-through blouses & loose tanksonly 129kr at Gina Tricot kisses

- I'm finally back with a touch of fake fur & a little bit of rock'n roll -

foto: thumblr I can't stand living without internet acessa week feels like a monthnow I'm finally back with a touch of fake fur & a little bit of rock'n roll kisses

- diamonds & studds are forever -

foto: house of momshell an old shirt from h&m, some studd & a fake-diamond broche became a new diy-styled by me, & worn twice this week already kisses

- it's oh so quiet -

foto: house of momshell it's oh so quiet, & oh so stillthe kida are in bed & the man is at work& the sofa is all mine kisses


32, Ski

- jeg er s heldig f vre en glittrende, bohemsk & litt rockete mamma til to nydelige krllopper. Elsker dem, kjrestn min, mote, interir, livet og alt som er nydelig. Hjertet mitt tilhrer dem -

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