watch out for the kids

photo: petitbo & oiidesigncool & comfy pieces for my kidsjust the way we like it kisses


photo: cecilie mielli j'adore theese frather-earrings from cecilie miellimust go into town soon kisses

- rebels & teaspoons -

foto: oneteaspoontees & flares& blonde hair kisses

- new in: vintage ear-rings -

vintage lookingdeco vs discoglam perfect for a tshirt kisses

- those boots -

foto: spelldesigns just can't help falling in love those boots are amazingbut sadly unknown kisses

- God you're good -

foto: mine & my kids #1 kiddo brandcool & comfyrocking & chic we adore petitbo kisses

- rock & Roll is here to stay - it's still winter & it's still cold,but petitbo makes me long for aw 2012 they really know how to make kids rook coolin a kiddo kind of stylej'adore kisses

- a touch of Marocco in the mail -

foto: comme il fautperfectly gypsylikecan't wait for it to get here visit comme il fautif you love it as much as I do kisses

- today I brought some peace home, fashionwise peace -

foto: house of momshell & ginaT I just love trying things on,tee's & topps in particular today I brought some peace homefabricwisefashionwisej'adore kisses

- cool stuff from Gina T -

foto: house of momshell greys, sparkels, army & reptile-patternsit's not difficult to find something but it is difficult to choosechoises kisses

- spring-fling -

foto: thumblr & just because it's snowing doesnt mean one can't have a spring-flingwinter is not my favouriteI like it when its hot kisses

- grey.sparkling.casual.chic -

foto: jcrew a dreamlike sweatshirtsimply gorgeous kisses

- studds & denim cravings -

foto: I wouldn't mind wearing this jacket the next time I go to the gym kisses

- house of momshell: wishlist -

foto: for my birthday & for Christmasjust can't get enough kisses

- my baby can't wait for SS12 -

foto: petitbo brilliant, cool & chicI cross my fingers for women sizes for the black tank with fringes & prints kisses

- the chained wallet -

foto: zara perfectly sweet, rock & chic for mein the mail as we speak kisses

- the Sade dress, from Petitbo, who else -

foto: petitbo fringes makes my world spinn kisses

- a topp -

foto: house of momshell a topp for see-through blouses & loose tanksonly 129kr at Gina Tricot kisses

- an ebay craving -

foto: if I had 197$, this would be in the mail for me kisses

- I just bought a new pair of Ash -

foto: lille vinke sko sometimes I can't resist cravings& these are one of them ash carey boots, my new darlings kisses

- new inn: house of harlow 1960

foto: house of momshell a tripp to Oslo ende up in a beautiful black leather coctail ringperfect with sparkles & some rock & roll kisses

- I love you I do -

foto: my favourit collection & tumblr Saturdays are simply gorgeous kisses

- Jewelry should have a pulse, it should tell a story and reflect a facet of the individual wearing it -

 dannijo would rock my world kisses

- den lille sorte -

foto: alittle black dresswill never go out of style this vintage black beaded flapper dresswill make you shinejust beacuse you are beautiful I would style this dress with only two acce...

- some more parisian cravings from Milla -

foto: milla botique a black leather jacket made ubercool with studdshandmade kisses

- I just shopped & went to sequin heaven -

foto: house of momshell I've been looking for a black sequin jacket for years, but never found the right one. Today I wasn't even looking , but there it was. 499kr at ICHI. I simply never want ...

- these jackets simply rock -

foto: milla botique milla botique har ftt inn noen sinnsykt coole ?custom made? jakker fra Paris, skinnjakker & army. De er ufattelig stilige & rock'er ethvert antrekk. Massive cravings ! kisses

- photoshoot in LA -

foto: anine bing I'l loving the style & clothes in these photos kisses

- yes I love glitter. And sequins & fringing & embrodery, lace & feathers. I could go on. But really it's a feeling -

foto: my favourite collection because it makes me feel good Kisses

- clothes for saints & sinners -

foto: google - allsaints store I think allsaints should come to Oslo kisses

- petitbo presents fall 2011 -

foto: petitbo we adore petitbo, & this fall is no exeption kisses for me & mini

- cheap Monday on a Tuesday -

new jeans, new table & a fine morninglife is wonderful kisses

- new in: jewelery -

foto: house of momshell 2 gorgeous necklases fro Glitter, are going to rock my outfits this fallkisses

- en nydelig dag p jobben som bryllupsfotograf -

foto: house of momshell en dag hvor kjrligheten virkelig var til stedet kisses

- milla botique, black, gamourous & beautiful -

foto: milla botique I think i could live there kisses

- new in: a bird around my neck -

from arts & crafts, 499 krit will help me fly kiss

- the Hustler pants -

The ultimate rock chic pant. Stretch pants that hug the figure. Featuring PU leather panel in the front with lace up. If you werea fan of the Snakebite Leggings you will love the Hustler Pants f...

- durango blck boots for cool kids -

foto: these would look smashing on my mini-me44$ on ebay kisses

- for 64$ on ebay you get... -

foto: amazing sequin jacket with feather cuffs, I adore it. kisses

- hand crafted goodness from Dreams Of Norway -

foto: dreams of norway vakkert, enkelt & utroliger p min nskeliste til bde bursdag & jul kisses

- the new One Teaspoon flagship stores by Jamie Blakey -

- djuna bell -

foto: oracle fox stylist Djuna Bel, she has some really nice stuff in her closet kisses

- cravings: Alexander Wang & his Brenda -

foto: this bag rocks my world kisses

- raindropps keep falling on my umbrella -

boots: sapatosbukse: vilatopp: bikbokveske: bikboksmykke: bikbok kisses

- new in at momshell's -

foto: house of momshell a new piece of jewelery from BikBok, 79 krkisses

- new in at momshell's -

foto: house of momshell today I have been married for 4 years. I celebrate love, me, myself & my man with this bracelet. kisses 

- I am going to wear this... -

foto: Monki, Asos & Whyred when september comes kisses

- jeg vet det er sommer, men disse hstlekkerbiskene er nydelige -

foto: & sommer & bikini er utrolig deilig, men da denne sorte og hvite kolleksjonen fra Isabel Marant med frynser, strikk & denim rullet over skjermen min var d...

- the most beautiful shoes in the world -

new in, from Peter Kaiser, soft & open toe pumps, in a gorgeous reptile pattern kisses

- lip treatment -

- a new summer day, & some new lip-treatment. A layer of 2, bottom lipstic from Shiseido color be310 & on top a gloss from YSL, pure color 05, nude rose shine - perfect nude shimmering lips for ...

- jewelery -

foto:, google & I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning if it wasn't for jewelery kisses

- Kate Moss, in her wedding gown, I love her -

foto: & her weddingdress, is simple wonderful kisses & gongrats 

- freakin fantastic festival cape -

foto: I love Kate & the way she dressed a few years ago and if i was going to a festival this summer, a cape would be a signature part of my outfit kisses

- sleeping beautie -

tilbake fra ferie, sliten & veldig gla. gleder meg til egen seng n kisses

- rider -

foto: this would rock my closet & my legs for my new jobbit's gorgeous kisses

- the Brand for beauties -

foto: just plain old supercool for kids, mine loves them kisses

- tee love -

just simply nice kisses

- fake & beautiful -

from, my new & fake YSL-ish ring in silver & black j'adore kisses

- my 2-piece -

- ny bikini, rets andre. Elsker den fra lindex & min elfenbenshvite fra h&m. bare 2 uker igjen til ferie n, og da er 79kr per del utrolig fristende - kisses & hugs

- what's more perfect than summer ?-

what's more perfect than summer, fashion & spending time with the ones you love?

- jen's pirate booty -

foto: jen's pirate booty I need to get me something like thhis for summer kisses

- the Ila onesize -

foto: petitbo perfect for my mini-me, for summer & the beach. I love Petitbo kisses

- new in: flats -

- nye nydelige & rocka ballerinasko fra dna, til 399kr. Bruker opp ett par baerinasko hvert r jeg, & dette er rets. Elsker dem allerede - kisses

- the amazing munster kids -

foto: muster kids do we digg it, yes we do munster kids is a collection of kids apparel that is driven by music, art and street culture. Inspired by urban legend Mikey Munster, the devious side...

- love at first sight -

but weer is it from, & who made it? must be prizy kisses

- new inn: bikbok & glitter -

wallet: glitterring: glittertopp: bikbok can't wait to wear itto work tomorrowkisses

- luxury boheme -

- foto: ebay, petitbo & 4th & bleeker blogg - - lovely things, luxury & beautiful inspo. My kind of Wednesday night - kisses

- new & cool from - for some hundreds of dollars, there could be mine kisses

- oh jacket, werth are thou? -

- jeg har lagret denne jakken, vet ikke nr, men vet bare at jeg synes den er utrolig stilig. Frynser selvflgelig, snn grsktig/grnn/brun-deillig farge. Perfekt til vindfulle kvelder, og hste...

- if I had the cash, I would buy this -

- fringe heaven on ebay - den er helt utrolig kul, men jeg har egentlig ikke penger til den. Skal jeg eller skal jeg ikke? kisses

- a little bit of rock for mummies -

- inspo: feather & fringes& a little bit of rock for mommies - kisses&hugs

- massive aussie cravings -

foto: a-j-e - black, white, sparks & leather, need I say more ? - kisses

- god I love your look -

- foto: - - denim, sort, glitter, solbriller, headpice,reptile clutchwhat's there not to like ? - kisses

- some sparkels to me with love from ebay -

- foto: rocklain - - jeg har lenge hatt cravings etter en nydelig headpiece, & n er et p vei til meg i posten. Kjenner det kribbler i magen min - kisses

- nytt produkt p ! -

 ny Tee p shoppen min, the Fringe love tee velkommen til meg & min lille shop p epla.no kisses& hugs

- some Boho fringes on ebay -

ebay site - skulle nske at 95$ ikke var 95$ + toll. Denne vesten er utrolig nydelig. M prve diy'e litt- kisses

- rachel Zoe + Lindex = sant

- zoe for lindex, I love her -

- white cotton from h&m -

- florett, hvit, blonder & deilig, nye topp fra h&m til 149kr - kisses fra meg

- skal jeg ebay'e eller? -

- denim & studs - - shiny shiny - - I'm in love with denim cutoffs at the moment, & sequins & studds always work for me - kisses

- brand new & high waisted -

- ny shorts fra h&m, 199kr & utrolig deilig ha p seg. Lengter virkelig etter sommeren n - kisses & hugs

- som new ink -

  ...before summer? I love the one I have, my babies written in my own handwriting on my foot. These one are gorgeous. Get butterflies when i think about it.... &...

- angel wing tee giveaway ! -

- jeg feirer mine frste salg p med en nydelig giveaway! En chic & rocka t-skjorte med englevinger bak. Den er i gr bommuld, og har str. 2,3 & 4 r p lager. Kan brukes bde som topp & kj...

- it's Friday & I want to go to the beach -

- bikinier fra h&m,, topshop & asos - -elsker bikinier & sommer, og drmmer meg bort- kisses

- -

- bilde fra anine bing - - bilder fra meg, asos & thefashionspot - kisses&hugs

- god I love summer -

- god I love summer, the beach, shorts, bikinies, hats, sunglasses & vacations. Only a few more months - kisses

- momshell inspo: anine bing -

- i dag kom jeg innom en blogg p, nydelige Anine Bing. tror du ikke at vi har samme smak nr det gjelder sko? Boots, begie boots med en liten touch av western. Laidbacke & stilige antrek...

- no one makes jackets like Burberry P -

- bilder fra - & Christopher Bailey. Ready to wear for vren er utrolig r, chic & rocka. Elsker looken han viser p catwalken. Blir nok inspirasjon til mange antrekk denne vren. k...

- I love your look Nicole-

- bilder fra - - boho meets chick meets rock - & it's perfect - a fridays-kiss from me

- I love the way you dress -

- bilder fra - - I just love the way Rumi dress, chic, raw,beautiful & edgy. Inspo number 1 - hugs & kisses

- red leather -

- I never thought I wold say this, but red leather simply rocks. A pant or a stunning jacket is a must this spring, can't wait to get my hands on one - - det blir kanskje ikke noen av di...

- boots nr 67 -

- nye boots, fra merket 67. Nye sko fra Skoringen. Deilige skinnsko med akkurat passe hy hl - er klar for vren jegkisses

- summer is here -

- eller rettere sagt s er en ny liten onepiece fra BikBok her, og jeg er klar for sommeren. Sommer & korte onepiecer er en nydelig ting, og denne ifra BikBok til 149kr passer er helt perfekt til m...

- peacock cuffs -

Peacock feathers Bracelet Cuff- ebay-link - peacock hinged Bracelet- ebay-link - Black swarovski crystal peacock cuff- ebay-link - Bridal Peacock Feather Bracelet Cuff- ebay-link - ...

- I luv her look -

- bilde fra - - Camilla Alvez ser utrolig nydelig ut sammen med barna sine. Denimbuksen med sleng, en fantastisk hvit hippie-tunika & perfekte accessoirer. Hun fr meg virkelig ...

- det heter ikke TOPshop for ingenting -

- bilder fra - - det heter ikke TOPshop for ingenting. 2 topper som skal sendes til meg snart. Blir ikke bedre egentlig - smask ifra meg til dere & topshop

- kisses & hugs to my iPhone from HongKong -

- 35 kroner inkludert frakt, per fekt for iPhonen min som liker glittre like mye som jeg - smask

- I want your t-shirt Nicole ! -

- for en utrolig kul t-skjorte, om jeg noen gang ser denne i butikken skal jeg s absolutt ha den.Eller DIY'e litt selv & lage min egen- smask ifra meg

- with love from me to me -

- bilder fra - - jeg har aldri vrt noe stor fan av trench-coater, men da jeg kom over denne p ble jeg solgt. Utrolig stilig med de skinndetaljene, knappene & armlengden. ...

- miss 4-eyes -

- endelig er de her. Mine splitte nye pilotbriller-briller. Jeg har skikkelig dilla p pilot-solbriller, tenkte, hvorfor ikke bruke de til vanlig ogs. Heldigvis ser jeg dlig, og kunne i gr if...

- girls, gifts & coctails -

- en pakke fra Chanel, et nytt skjrt til 49 kroner, fem nydelige strass-smykker og et stort smask til en snuppe som jeg er veldig gla i - smask ifra meg


32, Ski

jeg er s heldig f vre en glittrende, bohemsk & litt rockete mamma til to nydelige krlltopper. Elsker dem, kjrestn min, mote, interir, livet og alt som er nydelig.

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